Elevator Safety

Click here to watch this news story where we try to spread the word about making home elevators safer!

Tripp Halstead House

Click here to watch the reveal of Tripp Halstead's home - where Blue Moose Elevators donated the labor and permits for two lifts.

Operation Homefront Blue Moose Elevators was honored to be able to help with an Operation Homefront project. The project included the installation of a wheelchair lift, also known as a vertical platform lift, to get a veteran up to his back deck. Now he can access his newly remodeled home. Jon lost a leg while serving in the Navy and was unable to get in and out of his home due to the stairs. Blue Moose coordinated with the VA, volunteer builders, Operation Homefront and the Veteran and his family. We donated labor for the installation. We are proud to have been part of this great project!
Click here to read more about this project Moore Residence and Operation Homefront

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