enclosed vertical lift vertical lift in a hoistway residential vertical lift enclosed vertical lift
Vertical Lifts are very functional and in residential applications, allow some flexibility and creativity. They may go outside up to a deck in a residential application, may be installed in a hoistway like an elevator, may serve low rise applications, and may be installed within their own plexiglas or aluminum enclosure.

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Vertical Lifts for the Atlanta and Chattanooga areas by Blue Moose

Vertical lifts, also called Wheelchair lifts, take you up and down just like an elevator; some of them even use hydraulics and have battery back-up. They are very functional and since many are made for commercial use, they withstand heavy use. Note that they are not as quiet as an elevator, however, they are much less expensive than an elevator with similar capabilities, like battery lowering. We will be happy to help you decide if a vertical lift is best for you. We also do commercial work. In Georgia, all lift installations (even in homes) are required to be permitted and inspected. Everything we install is legal and in compliance with all codes.
Beware of buying a vertical lift on line. Most of the on-line companies do not know the local codes and will not properly advise you about the appropriate options that you need to buy with your wheelchair lift or about the required Georiga State permit and inspection. If you install a lift yourself, your homeowner's insurance may not cover your vertical lift or any resulting accidents. The low on-line wheelchair lift prices may sound good, but there are reasons that local certified companies do not sell the brand of low cost lifts that you may find on-line. It is not because we are trying to make more money - it's because we are responsible for the warranty for a year after the sale. If a lift is going to break down, we don't want to sell it, because we will end up losing money trying to keep it running during the warranty period. Count on people who care. You can count on Blue Moose Elevators.

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